How to Buy a Call Option

1. Visit Hegic website: https://www.hegic.co
2. Connect your wallet (use MetaMask or WalletConnect). Download: https://metamask.io / https://walletconnect.org. Consider using https://www.argent.xyz / https://trustwallet.com
3. Read about the potential risks and click the "OK" button if you agree to continue
4. Choose the Holder role and click the "Holders" button
5. Choose the "Call" type of an option contract on the interface
6. Choose the Size, Strike Price and Period for your option contract
7. Click the "Buy Option Contract" button
8. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for the confirmation
9. Voilà! You are now holding an ETH call option contract
10. To exercise your option contract click the "Exercise" button and then click "Confirm"
11. To approve your option contract exercising click the "Confirm" button and wait for the confirmation
12. Сlick the "Exercise" button one more time and then "Confirm" the transaction (exercising)
13. Your DAI will be swapped for ETH that you will receive to the wallet. You have exercised your option!