How to Sell Call Options

1. Visit Hegic website: https://www.hegic.co
2. Connect your wallet (use MetaMask or WalletConnect). Download: https://metamask.io / https://walletconnect.org. Consider using https://www.argent.xyz / https://trustwallet.com.
3. Read about the potential risks and click the "OK" button if you agree to continue
4. Choose the Writer role and click the "Liquidity Providers" button
5. Choose the ETH Pool
6. Click the "Deposit" button
7. Choose the amount of ETH for providing to the ETH Pool
8. Click the "Deposit" button and confirm the transaction (providing liquidity)
9. Voilà! You are now providing liquidity and selling ETH call options
10. To withdraw ETH click the "Withdraw" button and confirm the transaction in your wallet
12. You will receive ETH to your Ethereum address after the transaction is confirmed